Things you need after a hard day!

Who do we have here? I haven't heard you coming in.., I'm sorry. I guess I was just busy with my own stuff and I haven't noticed that you back. You've been waiting for me, right..? I'm sorry, you're probably so tired and just want something ... Something like this... Or maybe like that... Just someone to take care of you, and I'm just ignoring you. I'm so sorry for that. Are you going to forgive me..? Let me make it all better again, ok? So... I see... Oh, that looks bad. I see they've tortured you at work, right? Let me... No, you don't need to play tough. I can see it. I notice these things immediately. And I see that your tie needs to be loosed up. So let me just... Like this... Ok... Just pulling a little bit. Way better. It makes you immediately look way less serious. Ok, so... I gues you need a little bit of relaxation. Little bit of... Little bit of... That. Ok? Let's see... How about I give you a nice little massage, just to... Take the pain out of your back. And to make your whole mood a little more soothing. Ok? So... I'd say we start with removing your jacket. Can I help you? Let me just help you, that's okay. I don't mind at all. I'm just going to pull it down like this. Ok, one arm. And... And the other one. Let's just put it to the side here. Now, I have this brush. And it's all hypnotic. I already love the sound just by... Tapping and scratching on it. It is also soothing and it makes you think about ... Pleasure... That's what it's going to bring you. Let's start. I'm just... I'm just going to brush away some reverse, and just right here. All to the back. It feels rather nice, doesn't it? Ok, how do you like it? Thank you. You don't have any long hair, but ... They are thick. Very very thick beautiful hair. And I feel like... It's important... Just to brush it and make them look even more beautiful. You can close your eyes if you like already. Because it feels so good. Do you like? The rather pleasant, isn't it? That's it. Just a few last brushes and... Now should be fine like this. Is it music? I think there is some music playing there. But it's not too loud, isn't it? It does not bother you at all... It does not make the relaxation more difficult for you... Thank you. So, let's see... Next... I would suggest... I'm going to... Just massage a little bit through the hair, like this. Go with my finger tips into it. Like this. Massage just like... Pressing... Pressing all into your scalp. Ok, and now how I promised you, some of this. And some of that. Perfect, ok. Looks good. So, next, I have a few massage items. But, before I go over to that part, I would like to ask, maybe you want a beer? Because I actually have already prepared one for you. Wait... I have... I have this Desperados for you. It's rather tasty, because it's with tequila. And I do not know why, but it tastes a little bit better than regular beer. Well, you know me well, you know I do not like beer at all. But I feel like this one is rather drinkable, than typical beer. I think the typical one is to hard. And I figured maybe you would like to try something that tastes softer. On your tongue. Oh no, do not make fan of me, it's ok. Not everybody has to like beer, but I know you like it. And because you like beer, I got one for you. It's just going to help you to relax, that's fine. I'm not so good at it. But... It has already a beer scent. Let me... I think it is ok. I always find that beer has a better scent, than it has a taste. Good taste, do you know what I mean, right? You do, don't you, don't you? Here for you. Just take it. How do you like it? Tastes good, right? It's ok, you gonna drink it..? I think that's fine enough. Also... It's loud. I have those chips for you. Super tasty. And they fit perfectly to beer.  They are called Chips in Germany. But I think right word in English is Crisps I'm just open them up. Let me try one as well. They are actually tasty. Let me have another. The rest is for you. I should not eat too much, right? So... Now, that you have everything you need for a happy relaxing evening. Your beer, Crisps., Crisps.. It's such a difficult word Crisps. But well, now that we have everything. I'd love to start with the actually massage. If you do not mind, of course. Or would you like to drink a new piece, and we will do procedure with massage later? No..? Ok. Good. Ok, let me just see how's the best to start. Ok. Feels good, just some... Soft touches like feathers. Like the soft touches of feather. I'd say, I'd love to show them first. So, I have those three massagers. And this one is actually even double, but it's just more like a brush. And I've used already the other brush to actually brush your hair. So. I would say those two massagers are meant for your head. And this one is rather... Rather for your back, like, for your neck a little bit more. So, I would start. I'm going to start with those massagers on your scalp. And I can just.., I think on this side. And you can close your eyes if you like, because I think this way it feels even better. And I'm just pressing not too hard. Just all over your head. Relax, my honey.., and just focus... On the little movement.  And how it goes through your hair. It's all fluffy, after I brushed it. And this is why it is so easy for me to actually get into the scalp. There, all the way down to your back. And towards your forehead. Again, all the way down to your back. And back to your forehead. Now around the forehead. Just all over it. Let me see here on this side. Ok, and... Okay, and there ... Perfect, perfect, perfect... Let me brush it out a little bit. With my finger tips again. That feels soothing. Do you like my fingers the best? Well, I figured, I mean it's warmer and with more love. So of course you can enjoy my finger tips the most, but... The items they are actually give you deeper massage. I'm just stroking you all over. I'm just pampering you. I'm just loving you with my finger tips. Loving your forehead. Your cheeks. Both of them, of course. Your lips. Let me go over your face. Yeah, it's perfect. Good... So next... We have this blue massager. It has... A little bit thinner ends for even deeper skin massage. It will... Cause deep blood penetration in your scalp... In your skin, your scalp, yes. It's going to be way better after this little massage. And all I'm going to do is just ... Ready? I think this one feels a little bit more intense even. Because of the smaller, thinner ends. I can just... With my circle movements.., all over your back. Around your ears. Like this... That's perfect, isn't it? Just all the way. Around your ears. Perfect, perfect, perfect. A little bit more on your back and... Smily. That's it. Ok, it will work. We have used two massagers, and now I would go... I would go with this massager. It is for deeper massage for your muscles, I'd say. Just to improve over the all blood circulation. All over your area here. Your head, and also your back here and your neck. I think it sounds so good. Don't you think so? Just the tapping alone already. So, let me start with this one. And I'll come a little bit closer, so that I can press a little better, a little deeper. And... Movements are going to be rather slow. So that I can build up just the right pressure. And... Okay... And your back now. Relax, relax, relax ... Let me also do a little bit here.., on the chest muscle, this one. Because you rather tend to have it a little bit tight as well. And I'm just going to ease it down. Ease down a little the tension...  All the nervousity in your body. It tends to be rather nerves sometimes , right? And now your back. Perfect. Now the other side. Just going to change my hand. To make it a little easier. So... What have you been doing at work today? Was it so hard, really..? Yeah I know. If they expect so much of you. Well, but you're so good at it. So, they had no other choice but to ask you to do it. I can understand them. If they want things to be done the right way. Here again. They've got to ask you, as you are the best at it. So your all corporation is relying on you. And I think that's cool as well to know... That you are important, that other people need you. That they need your work. Need your talents. Little bit over your arm as well. Very good. That's it. I see you've already done with your beer, do you want another one? No? That's enough, yes you're right. Actually for real massage ... It's not so good to drink too much. But a little bit is fine. It even helps with the blood circulation. So, it's just perfectly like this. And now I can... Use my finger tips. You like them the most, didn't you? You did. So, now... The best part. Do you like that? And a little bit here. And a little bit over there. Now I'm going to just... Do some magic all around you. Some wizard craft. To calm you down perfectly. Perfect pamper part. Pamper part. Let me... Do some magic on your ear. You are such an extraordinary... I'm so happy to have you. I love you! Love you..! Love you to the moon and back. To the moon and back. Because you're the best! Of course you are! And I want you to always be sure of it. To never doubt about this. So... Could I help you to relax? Even if it's a little bit, little bit... Thank you. So now, let's just relax together. I'm going to lay my head on your shoulder. And you can tell me a few nice things as well. Because you know, it's much love to listen to your voice. And to feel your warm. In your arms around me. So... We just going to relax a little bit together. Plans out and world outside, all does not matter. It's just about you and me now. Yes, that's perfect... I could stay with you forever like this. Forget about everything. About the cars, the sounds. Everything that might distract... We don't care, right? It's just you and me now. Let's just relax to forget it all.

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