Apparently there's ten like local traditional snacks in this area This is a tofu like a silky soft tofu. And this is sugar. What do you guys think? Good morning, everybody. You guys keep walk out, I will catch up We're at the famous Big Buddha here in lantau island Hong kong my best friend Alyssa and husband been came to visit us here in Hong Kong So this week is going to be full of a mixture of touristy things and local things We want to give them the best of local So I feel like if you're travelling to Hong Kong is gonna be a good vlog to watch There's this is gonna be a good vlog watch to get some ideas of some things to do some things that are on the guidebooks and may be off so they came on Saturday night we've done a couple things first, but this is our first leg thing of temples and more traditional stuff We just found these hats It's a beautiful day It's not the end it's the journey yeah Guys are trying to get to the Buddha. I just keep stopping to take photos and buy things This brings back memories, eh yeah here we are seven years later exact same spot, but we both have husbands Liked it so they put a ring on Keep you safe and keep you out of those devil thing, evil. Thank you. Keep evil away. so its kinda of like the eye Don't use it, if it's broken just throw it away because it's something bad happens then break that My dad likes to wear those beans so Tom wanted to buy him one from here I mean that's kind of a cool idea to collect some from all over the world and stuff different meanings behind them So just next to this main temple here you can get vegan or vegetarian Buddhist food And vegetarian dim sum a ton of wild cows. I don't know if they're really wild they're tagged But there's a ton around here. Just walking around when you drive up here. You see them just walking on the streets and hanging out just Hang out here. It's another one there. They just freely walk around no one's controlling them Just saw the giant Buddha, we saw the temple back there And now we are heading to there's like this little shopping street full of little shops and snacks and we're gonna see what we can Find there before heading to the cable car One good thing I noticed about this area is they don't work you off like at most tourist places? Especially in Canada like a theme park or something touristy They would charge you a ton of money for everything But the ice cream we had was about a dollar you had for like three four dollars so yeah, everything's like priced really well and fairly Oh Rough start and open on the rough start He's highly considering start do it he's analyzing the situation If you go straight or diagonal And there's even signs Warning you not to do this. Very dangerous. Very dangerous. He must critically analysed the exact path and timing in order to get through. Oh Is he backing out? There, is he backing out Oh 10 out of 10 everyone Fans are going wild. I'm pretty sure this is his wife. any comments? Oh That was Such a nice day. So good highly recommend this place I haven't been here since I went last time with Alyssa seven years ago, but yeah, it's like it's a lot to see a lot to eat a lot to do and you can spend the whole day here So we are all sweaty I am so sorry But we're back in the car we're gonna head to a supermarket right now and pick up some groceries for a barbecue tonight we're just gonna hang at home Karam on the grill  toms on the wine Alyssa's on the dancing I've made two styles. My family likes it really crispy And this was less so I don't know what you guys prefer today this morning something pretty exciting is happening So too-faced is opening up here in Hong Kong finally Finally finally. I'm so excited for that and they reached out to me and they wanted to come by and bring me a surprise They said they couldn't just send it to me in the mail they need to be here So I'm very curious what that's gonna be all about. Okay, what do you think? They're gonna do I can't figure out anything at all Know it's going well. I think that they're Going to bring something large that won't fit in the mail Oh yeah true and Maybe they want you to wear like a mascot? No Cuz I originally I thought they're going to bring someone to you and then to meet you but like I don't know Anyone, that would come by like surprise We are just making our way up the peak now it is so interesting It's so concentrated here, but then there's also so much green so it's like a circle of green around and then all buildings in the center and then The lake is like it's like a tootsie roll Like the center the cheese on it We always go back there how many times we've been there we always like going back there's a nice little restaurant there We like to have brunch with Rosie sometimes, you can hike around there. The view is really really nice as you saw It's definitely a must do when you come to Hongkong it that can be the number one tourist spot in hk Now we are still in TST and there's like a promenade along the Harbor here and it was newly renovated. It was closed for a while and just opened like two or three weeks ago I want to say so I haven't even seen the newly renovated one I'm here again for the first time just like the restaurant just now and that restaurant was really really good by the way we loved everything so yeah, you're just a little sleepy too much food got another coffee and  We're very full. So we're gonna take a walk Look at the lights by the harbour side, there is some statue. There's a Bruce Lee and It's been really nice night walk. But there's a lot of people We're currently at a ten thousand Buddha's monastery and we're walking up It's just a lot of stairs a lot of Golden Buddha inside us all the way up the mountain one other things you need to do when you come to Hong Kong is get foot massage and My favorite place to do that here you can go anywhere There's there's all kinds of different price range places And one of my favorite though is 10 feet tall because they have really nice clean rooms they have a good selection of English magazines and Chinese and At their central location, you're going to order Froyo and smoothies those up, you can't here but they do have like some candy and and different teas and stuff we're gonna have dinner after we are going there Chinese foot massages are really nice because your your foot is connected to so many areas in your body we've been doing a ton of walking and it's just gonna make us feel like moving so I'll get my stuff Because you never liked English magazines are so expensive if yours are imported and they're always like late I always like Now we're at our last stop of the day Our favorite dessert place Lotus Garden is literally just down the street from Nante this pudding baked sago lotus seed pudding and This one sesame dumpling soup It's just Alyssa and I today, we're out shopping in Causeway Bay we're going to there's going to be a mix of like expensive malls and Inexpensive malls, so we're going to go to some of the cheaper We're gonna go to a cheaper mall cheaper Like I'm gonna say is not a market but a relatively inexpensive mall right now called island beverly (?) I'm gonna see soon as I get out here so love for right? Oh This is totally different It's always Island Beverly when you're in Hong Kong If you look upstairs like up You'll find a lot of these smaller malls that are just a whole bunch of boutique shop A lot of the clothes are from Korea actually You look like my wedding shoes, they are roger vivian, not vivier Those are so cute. green look who join us, we are having happy hour drinks and nachos and i got a coffee so Alyssa meet Jessica 7 years ago when she came here, along with some of my other friends And we have a really view We're going here hysan place you know what funny last time I was here I swear to god it was it was avenger Really? I look back to my picture I am taking a photo in front of them nice pretty sure first avengers movie, really? I need a photo check on that cut to - Good morning guys. We're in central now. It's Alyssa, cameron last day the last thing that we do, sorry its really loud here We're eating the last foods that they want to eat first We're stopping by a really famous an egg tart place here in central. Then we're gonna head to Tai kwun, which is an old prison police living quarters and then we are gonna go to man mo temple and cat street which is a street that sells into Souvenirs and stuff and we're gonna finish it off at the night market and go to a Tai Pai dong is an outdoor restaurant And today is baby yellow and blue day this place is famous for their milk tea Which is a really popular drink here in Hong Kong, but how they became famous was. Oh the lines really long Was it worth it. Yeah Crazy long wow it continues over there so they are really famous because they use a penny holes to filter the tea so its really fine but i never try it They went for a hot one It's really good it's smoother so they're not as strong its egg, egg yolk try milk tea, siu mai curry fishball? we tried this, the tea egg and stinky tofu This is Tom's favorite we are at Tai kwun right now an old police station prison cell home for the lease and their wives and families and Courthouse so it's huge and they just transformed it into a Heritage Center slash Art Center like their performances yeah, there's a lot of Yeah different art different movies Boutique shops cafes through the queue. The architecture is so nice This is the prison cells You get to right your homework inside Do you know multiplying Oh the multiple chart? Oh, yeah, we had those too And you learned English yeah This symbol means Double Happiness, so you give it to couples like forever love happy forever for two people So usually during the wedding you see the symbol everywhere and people give gifts Oh, this is for academics or education and stuff Right across the street from the temple over there is a little alleyway called Pat Street And there's a lot of souvenirs and antiques there we are on the ferry now, all the way to TST ferry is something you have to do here, and it cost like 20, 30 cents Over at temple street night market in between Jordan and yau ma tai, so there's this lines of people selling things snacks There's a lot of fortune tellers and then a lot of outdoor tai pai dong where you can sit and eat So we're gonna walk around here for a bit and then we're gonna grab dinner I had so much fun with them this week and I really like seeing people discover new things I actually discovered a lot of new things and tried some new foods I think my favorite day was the Big Buddha day exploring that area and trying some new foods. There was really nice and Walking along the harbor front and TST at night. It's also really nice So if you live here I'd love to know if you have any other recommendations that I missed in this video also if you're more interested in Hong Kong food, I have a ton of episodes on just food, especially if you have a Particular diet like you're vegan or something. There's an episode on that. So be sure to check it out You're not from here, or you haven't been here then come visit us you will love it


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