20 AMAZING DIY SLIMES!!! Mixing CRAZY THINGS Into Clear Slime / Water Slime!

We're going to play a game which I'm sure no one's heard of before and it's called which slime are you? So all you have to do is give this video a thumbs up and the last two digits of the number you get is going To be your slime if you happen to get a number larger than 20 then simply add the two digits together to get your final Score if you actually get zero zero then you're going to be egg slime And I've linked a separate video for that down below And of course don't forget to comment down below the slime that You get because there are so many crazy ones in this video. So you could end up being gold leaf slime, Diamond slime or maybe chicken nugget slime, and if you're wondering about my t-shirts And this is actually part of my new merchandise collection a crowd made and it's the first range of t-shirts designed only for slime lovers So if you want to check that out, then please click the link below before we get started There's a quick message from the sponsors of this video. Which is the game that I love to play called best fiends Best Fiends is a free puzzle adventure game where you collect and build a team of fiends to defeat slugs by matching up same colored Objects, it's no secret that I love this game, and I've actually been playing it almost every single day for over a year There's a lot of strategy involved and you keep on finding out new tricks as you go along as you can see here I'm on level 366 and I've also completed most of the fiend side quests So starting today, you can watch the in-app Premiere of a gorgeous animated short film called visit Minutia And then play the in-game visit Minutia event where you can win massive rewards Best Fiends is totally free to download and play though You can speed up your progress using in-app purchases and the good news is if you download the game right now using my link below then you'll also get five dollars worth of gold and diamonds for free So go ahead and give it a try I can say from personal experience that you rarely find a free game That's this entertaining and fun to play All of the slimes in this video were based on your amazing suggestions Many things were mentioned more than once so I tried my best to credit the first person who posted a particular idea so remember to give this video a thumbs-up, and then keep on watching to see which slime you get So for this one I decided to try something a bit different First I cut off the top of a fake rose, and then I hot-glued it inside a plastic easter egg Then I filled up the surrounding space with clear slime I think this looks really pretty and it could be a nice way to package slime, or just be used as room decor of Course it wasn't that fun to play with since the flowers fixed in place, but it was a surprisingly fun and aesthetic experiment I'll be using supplies from solar color.com for many of the slimes in this video They make amazing stuff for crafting and I couldn't wait to try out this black holo Glitter I also added these chroma flakes which are shimmering iridescent flakies, so the light can reflect off different sized particles Not surprisingly this slime turned out really well, and I filmed it here in direct sunlight, so you can see the full holographic effect The person who suggested this idea is very clever because you know I have a soft spot for everything hamster related This is my hamster pudding who loves to eat so she's not happy that I'm taking her food away for this video This one is fluffy who's a robo hamster and a lot more shy, she lets me stroke her head But she doesn't like being picked up for this slime I decided to use teabags that work with cold water because I thought that might make it easier to transfer color and scent I genuinely had high hopes this one because it sounds like a great idea However has quite disappointed when the slime started turning watery and foamy and then it became an unexpected fail The only upside is that actually smells very nice, but I'm afraid you can't get that through the video For this one, I obviously had to use all 60 urban decay naked eye shadows that we mix together for this video here First I made five small slimes using all the eye shadows from each naked palette Then I combined everything together The shimmery eye Shadows turned the slime into a nice metallic color and it was really nice to poke This is care fresh bedding Which is a paper-based substrate that hamsters love to dig through I was really quite curious how this would react with clear slime So it turns out that carefresh bedding absorbs a lot of moisture, and it turns the slime into a hard lump This is quite an unusual texture, but it wasn't at all satisfying to play with I was very excited to test out this idea since lush shower jellies already have such a satisfying texture However, I realized that the jellies are harder to pull apart than expected, and it doesn't blend that well into the slime The more tried mixing it the foam ear everything became until it just turned into a sticky mess The worst part is that this mixture was incredibly difficult to clean up Normal slimes will dissolve quite easily with soap and water but this for some reason turned even stickier And it literally took me 30 minutes to get everything off my table. So not surprisingly This was my least favorite slime out of all the ones from this video A Lot of people have requested a remake of the Rose gold slime from my very first slime video So this time I started with a gold pigment followed by Copper and a tiny bit of pink food coloring This ended up a bit too red, so I added a bunch of white luster dust and this produced the perfect Rose gold slime The next slime idea is so bougie, and I love it. I actually managed to get hold of Crystal Pixie Which is the newest and pioneers version of swarovski crystals meant to be used for nail art? There's almost no way the slime could go wrong. So just sit back and enjoy This is such a great comment, and I would have loved to try everything if I had more slime but for this video I decided to go with the lip gloss lipstick idea For this time I'm using the leftover 24 Karat gold leaf that I bought for this lip-balm diy though you can easily get cheaper versions online I Think this looks absolutely gorgeous But this is definitely the most expensive time to make no matter what type of gold leaf you use Since there's no way you can extract the gold back out again. I Assume that you guys mint. This type of Magic snow which contains a gel that expands in water I was very excited to try it out because I've seen so many slimes that have this texture on Instagram just Making the snow was incredibly satisfying to do I added the slime and started mixing, but I was disappointed to see that everything started turning sticky Thankfully I managed to fix this using more slime activator. I Love how the texture turned out however. I'm going to jazz it up even more using some color changing and purdy pigments This blue to purple UV pigments from solar color dust looks so aesthetic and it was incredible to play with As a cleaning tip if the fake snow gets everywhere, then simply leave it to dry, and then you can sweep it up Easily and just put it in the bin, whatever you do don't wash it down the sink otherwise We'll just absorb the water and clog up your pipes I can already guess that this slime is going to be very messy, so I'm going to make it on a plate It turned out incredibly sticky however it actually peels off your skin without leaving any residue But it's definitely too soft to play with and most surprisingly. It didn't smell as good as you might expect This comment was so creative and you guys thought so too based on the number of uploads Since I already took so many screenshots for the different slime ideas. I simply compile them into one image and then cut everything out It feels like there's some sort of message behind the slime like you should be making a statement about Youtubers comments haters or social Media This was great fun to do but of course. It's not the most satisfying slime. There is I? Thought it might be interesting to try felting some wool into some slime However these two obviously didn't mix very well together I Also tried mixing wall directly into slime and this made a less stretchy and more likely to rip Last but not least let's make some chicken nuggets slime. I'm Sure that many people are getting ready to write angry comments about wasting food But please remember that I were youtuber and it's my job to make weird videos that entertain people And I really don't think that anyone would be interested in making the slime themselves This is obviously not the best slime. I've ever made but it's definitely not as gross as I imagined It didn't feel at all greasy or squishy and most unexpectedly the fried chicken smell wasn't bad when combined with slime Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed this collection of weird and wonderful slimes Don't forget to leave a comment with a number of slime that you got and be sure to check out the game best Fiends which I've also linked below so until next time

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